is up. I feel it’s important to let his community know a person with a lengthy violent criminal record, and one who does not respect children’s sexual innocence, is buying a “cool” heavily tinted Cybertruck, only miles from a high school.

My name is Martin Lawrence, aka Vod. I am one of the earliest bitcoin adopters and one of the most trusted and recognized on I worked in law enforcement and IT for thirty years and received multiple recognitions from the Edmonton Police Service.

A few years ago, OgNasty (Matthew Ogness) and the forum administrator Theymos (Michael Marquardt) started a malicious rumor that I sent Matthew unsolicited private messages outing myself as a pedophile. Michael, having full access to the database, allegedly saw my private messages and deleted them from the system.

When I claimed I never sent any messages stating I was a pedophile, the administrator Michael distrusted me, gave Matthew a staff position that paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, and made him a merit source so he could reward those who spread the libel. (In case it’s deleted)

Neither Michael or Matthew ever produced the messages, but continued to attack me for years deflecting from their bitcoin embezzlement, until I spoke with my doctor, then my lawyer and left the forum. No one ever called the police, even though I provided the number many times.

Being accused of the worst thing in the world was not something I could talk to anyone about, and I had a stroke. I am the third person (I know about) to have a stroke or die dealing with Matthew and Michael’s bitcoin crimes. Matthew even stated multiple times the forum would be better off if more people stroked out. Using children maliciously in this manner should be exposed, and these two need to be put away where they cannot harm more children.  Theymos – it’s time you hack your database and insert a PM I never sent.

What did I do to attract all this attention? I pointed out one of the past Ponzi schemes they ran, where Matthew planned in advance to steal 99% of all the coins, and their current charity/ICO tax schemes on the forum. The forum does not moderate scams but instead provides a safe harbor for scammers, which is why most of the proof has been deleted and now only exists on web archives. For every Ponzi I busted, ten new ones were being planned, mostly using Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

This website will be the home base for justice. Please send this site to anyone who has ever mentioned being scammed with bitcoin. My libel suit is going to take years but if we can get the attention of the FBI, IRS and SEC, we can spread some of the hundreds of millions of USD they have stolen to those who need it a lot sooner.

Bitcoin Cash Donations: qpcw39v4nh9muzud0c6js3dwsg9w3ux5zyl2h7ywy4

Also looking for mirror sites, since I am dealing with corrupt bitcoin scammers who have used their unlimited financial resources to silence their victims.

Posted on r/btc as r/bitcoin is censored by Theymos
Posted on r/btc as r/bitcoin is censored by Theymos