2011-06-29 – I join bitcointalk.org and invest heavily in the community with anti-fraud content. It’s not long before my casual examples identify some professional scammers and people start trusting me.

2012-04-07 – Matt starts a ponzi passthrough in cooperation with pirate and embezzles thousands of bitcoins through a 1% “reserve” fund.

2012-06-11 – Matt starts a donation scam and offers 22,000 seats in what he calls the first ICO.

2014-06-28 – Someone accesses my public linkedin page and using my education history and photos, posts an accusation on an extortion site. I’m forced to shut social media down so my family/friends aren’t overwhelmed with this extortion.

The website is owned by Ed Magedson who makes it particularly difficult for process servers to find him. While he claims not to remove anything from his website. He will remove it for a ongoing fee. The ripoff report is currently in serious trouble in several jurisdictions.

In March 2017, the Italian Data Protection Authority affirmed that Ripoff Report’s activities — namely, Ed Magedson’s requests for money to edit web pages — are illegal in Italy. The Italian authorities also noticed that Ripoff Report’s web servers are occasionally not reachable from Italy in order to evade controls by the authorities themselves. Besides, they noticed that some web pages — which were being investigated by the authorities — were deleted out of the blue by the website owner, despite the claim that Ripoff Report does not remove reports.

A federal court stated that victims have “probable cause to sue for extortion and racketeering”. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripoff_Report



2018-04-06 – Matt and I discuss risks to our reputation. I bring up the accusation example and the subject changes.

2019-02-10 – Ten months after the PM, he states publicly I should not be concerned.

2019-12-10 – Now twenty months after the PM, he distrusts my attitude towards him and suddenly is very concerned about this link, lying about the private messages and starting baseless rumors that have cost me a lot of business.