What started it?

Eight years ago I released a project called BPIP, and OG contacted me about it, praising me and wanting to advertise.   When I asked his budget, he said he only gives out seats in his nastyfans.  I researched it, discovered it was a tax evasion scheme and said no.   In an ongoing effort to hide his crimes, he attacked me to reduce my credibility.

What was done?

I one one of the most trusted people on the bitcointalk forum.  Because I had broken up many scams, someone had taken my personal info from Linkedin, and posted stories on a revenge website.  I had informed OG of this and his response was "Martin Lawrence the actor?  Who cares?"   

OG started posting that I am sent him a private message outing myself as a pedophile.  He claimed Theymos could verify it.   He contacted my Facebook friends and the local police department with this lie.  At the time I did not know of Theymos' involvement in his scams, and could not understand why he was not stopping OG.   Turns out he was paying OG 0.5 btc a month to keep scam busters out of default trust.

The SEC has a record of OG receiving ~6,000 from the pirate ponzi, but he was not investigated due to the price of BTC at the time, and the belief he was just another victim.  OG said he was investigated and nothing was found, but the law firm involved in the case said he was never contacted.

Theymos also paid OG 7 BTC after the community discovered OG has stolen donated coins.

What is the defense?

OG can only claim that I was a willing participant in his attacks.  He constantly encouraged me to continue debating his lies while he taunted me on the forum about his contacting my family offline.

After OG acknowledged his games had hurt me and was trying to get me help, I left the forum.  I send a reminder letter which he then claim was extortion.  Yet, like his pedophile claims, he did nothing further.

Is there money to pay lawyer fees and damages?

OG recently posted a picture of a 500 bitcoin coin he doesn't think he'll be able to get rid of.   He has created hundreds of these coins from his ponzi and sells them tax free.